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Reveri: In-app Subscriptions Made Easier with Glassfy

When the product team at Reveri was ready to unleash their app on the world, they had to make a high-stakes choice…
Marco Pifferi
February 16, 2022
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When the product team at Reveri was ready to unleash their app on the world, they had to make a high-stakes choice.

The team had put in countless hours of work perfecting an app that uses the power of hypnosis to solve common mental health and wellness issues — everything from quitting smoking, to pain management, to mitigating stress. The app looked great, was effective, and had generated a lot of interest.

They could proceed and spend time and expertise toward developing an in-house subscriptions infrastructure, but it would be costly — in terms of focus, money, and time. Wouldn’t those resources be better deployed toward improving their core product? Was it really necessary to reinvent the in-app subscriptions wheel, when they’d much rather stay focused on their central mission of improving peoples’ wellbeing?

The answer came in the form of Glassfy, the specialized service offering painless integration and optimization of in-app subscriptions. The Glassfy SDK offers quick subscription roll-out, freedom from ongoing code maintenance, and a plethora of data options that keep everyone in touch with activity and trends. It’s also a simple way for product managers, developers, and founders to save a whole lot of time.

How much time? With help from Glassfy’s team support, Reveri’s subscriptions were up and running in just a few hours.

We were on a tight schedule for the release of the new app, and Glassfy’s help with the integration was instrumental to us hitting the deadline. It would have been a lot more difficult without their help! Glassfy solves a big problem for app publishers, and it’s very well developed; well done! Massimo De Marco Reveri CEO

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Why Glassfy

Your app is out to make waves and change people’s lives. And in those exciting, early days, you know it’s important to focus on refining and improving your core product. You need to move quickly, and time is of the essence. Development of accessory platforms — however key they may be — is not where your time should be spent.

As the team at Reveri realized, Glassfy builds you a bridge over the complex waters of in-app purchasing infrastructure, allowing you to monetize and grow your app quickly, then continue on your way. All with as little — or as much — interaction with your subscription platform as you choose.

There are other options, of course. Ready-to-deploy in-app subscriptions are offered by a number of companies. So why is Glassfy the superior choice for apps? A few things really set us apart from the competition:

  • Exceptional customer support. Our team is focused on one goal: getting your in-app subscriptions up and running, as quickly and seamlessly as possible. And we won’t stop working until that’s exactly what we’ve done.
  • Extensive knowledge base. Our knowledge has allowed us to craft a deceptively straightforward, elegant infrastructure for apps that is robust, yet easy to deploy and manage. It’s the culmination of our experience, passion, and drive to evolve. And it’s all for the benefit of our clients.
  • Eyes on the future. We go beyond in-app subscriptions with tools designed to foster your app’s growth and monetization. Create and publish new paywalls in minutes; optimize subscriptions by testing a variety of price-points, plans, offers, and flows. Real-time metrics and event notifications help you stay nimble and capture opportunities as they’re happening.

You can download Reveri for Apple (iOS) and follow it on LinkedIn!

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