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Reveri increases revenue 90% with Glassfy multi-store payments

Eliminated dev time, risk, and lack of monetization by easily launching payments across stores and ability to holistically monetize.
Marco Pifferi
November 17, 2022
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The background

If you haven’t caught the original story with Reveri you can find Part 1 here. Now, lets get to how Reveri used Glassfy (Build Glassfy for Free) to increase revenue by 90% by easily spinning up purchase across all stores.

A fundamental strategy to monetizing your app is ensuring you are available across multiple app stores and web (multi-store). There is an inherent problem with the multi-store approach though, each store has a unique set of infrastructure, versions, and data structure for each. What happens when a user uses both web and mobile but that service does not offer purchase options on one of the platforms? what happens when you have a multi-store experience but the connection between them isn’t able to detect that unique user across the platforms? You lose business. This is frustrating users daily — calling out The Telegraph as an example, let us know if you need help monetizing your app!

A user should be able to use the web service and app — and you as a provider should be able to prompt them with a relevant user experience to monetize them appropriatly.

Companies generate 3.5x more revenue when you have a web+app offering. eMarketer, “Frictionless Commerce”

Creating this environment

In order to build this, you need to build and manage the setup for each store, manage each unique store offerings, build and monitor the communication logic across these platforms for a unified experience, and ensure this stays reliable — which is inherently a risk. Ultimately you need to do this not only to present offerings correctly to the user but if done correctly you have a powerful single source of truth of monetization data and a method to be able to monetization in a native way across all platforms.

Here is a glimps of what that looks like 🫣(queue gasp)…

Multi-store offering structure

With Glassfy, all of this is pre-built and scales with you. You can easily spin up a multi-store experience and trust that Glassfy will manage the offerings to your users, become your reliable source of truth of payment data across the stores and give you the abilities to easily monetize across the stores in an easily unified way.

Speed of development, integration, and troubleshooting was dramatically reduced thanks to Glassfy Massimo De Marco | CEO Reveri

This ultimately means reduced time to market and creating a reliable solution to support a multi-store strategy that you do not have to maintain.

Why is this so impactful outside of the technical hurdles? Glassfy has functionality that enables you to sell or giveaway offerings that are store agnostic, making it much easier to distribute and market your app in a more holistic way that can drive easier adoption regardless of the device they are on.

The outcome

Our revenue increased over 90% after implementing a multi-store experience (iOS, Android, and Web) with Glassfy Massimo De Marco | CEO Reveri

Reveri was able to drastically reduce their time to market and most importantly have a reliable platform to learn user behavior across platforms to make more meaningful monetization decisions with bigger impact.

About the App

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