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Top Promo Offer Ideas to Boost In App Subscriptions

Promotional offers are a great way to boost subscription revenue as you not only scale your initial user base but also nurture your free install base.
Alex Kudelka
July 7, 2023
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Marketing your app to build up user acquisition is a whole other chapter of your journey of scaling. You may be just starting out, or perhaps you have found an initial PMF for your consumer app - here are the top ways to harness Promotional Offers - best of all, you can manage it in Glassfy.

What outcome do Promotional Offers drive?

Let’s remind ourselves of the goal we are looking to drive - what part of the funnel are we looking to impact?

  • Increase app downloads. One of the most obvious benefits of promotional offers is that they can help you increase app downloads. When you offer a discount, free trial, or other incentive, it can give potential users a reason to download your app and try it out.
  • Boost app engagement from nurturing your user base. Once users have downloaded your app, promotional offers can help you boost engagement. For example, you could offer a re-engagement offer or perhaps a points system to generate a loyalty score with your app over time to then unlock a discount.
  • Increase brand awareness. Promotional offers can also help you increase brand awareness. When you offer a promotion, it can get people talking about your app and your brand. This can help you reach a wider audience and attract new customers

Case Study of Promotional Offers 

Let’s select one of these options, let’s say I want to boost re-engagement of a download install base I already have. Now what? Well I decide who and what I want to offer, then of course the how.

Who do I want to target for this offer? 

I have a CRM full of thousands of users who I know use my app on a free basis at varying levels of interest. If my goal is to maximize this user base I want to cohort out who I think have the highest chance to convert at this time - since I am a Health and Wellness App I am going to use a metric like “logins last 7 days = >1” +  “never was a paying user” as a potential cohort. This shows the user is trying to be committed to Health and Wellness but may be lacking the motivation. This could be for a multitude of reasons but as a provider in this space I know that people can be very mercurial in this space.

What do I want to offer? 

These users are trying to work on their health and fitness journey and I know that the premium section of my app offers a 4 week plan on “getting your health on track.” What I want to now do is offer a one month free trial to anyone in this cohort so they can take advantage of that program which may get them to increase their logins per week, thus increasing their potential desire to upgrade to a recurring subscription.

How do I build the offer with my tools? 

Glassfy Universal Codes. This is a device agnostic code you can easily generate from the dashboard or programmatically via the APIand distribute to your users to claim a one month free access to the app without commitment.

I use the Glassfy Dashboard to generate 1,000 Promotional Codes and the best part is I do not have to worry which device claims the free trial code as Glassfy is agnostic to whichever device type is requesting the code.

I then create a simple email newsletter in my favourite emailing tool (Hubspot, Pardot, Mailchimp, etc.) with a redeem link to claim a trial - here is a recent one from Hulu that was well done.

In Conclusion, just get started!

You will want to be running these on an ongoing basis and at the end of the day there is a cost to it - take this very serious but not so serious to where you fail to get started with something. Here are some last additional tips for you set off:

  • Make sure your offers are relevant to your target audience. You don’t want to waste your time and money offering promotions that your target audience doesn’t care about. Take the time to research your audience and understand their needs and wants. Then, tailor your offers accordingly.
  • Keep your offers simple and easy to understand. People are more likely to act on a promotion if they can understand it quickly and easily. Avoid using jargon or complicated language.
  • Quantify quantify quantify. Track the results of your promotional offers. This will help you determine which offers are most effective and make adjustments as needed.

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