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What are my options in iOS for promotions to increase in-app subscriptions?

A quick guide to understanding your options when it comes to promotional offers in iOS, what use cases you can try and how to quickly test them in your app this week.
Marco Pifferi
June 16, 2023
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We have all been there, what is another way we can drive user acquisition to the app? How can I winback my churned users? Here is your quick and definitive guide on what your options are when offering proportional codes in your app.

Why offer Promotions in my app?

Let’s first look at this at a very high level, we are almost all selling to the consumer space. According to Hawk Incentives Research, 97% percent of people say that they look for a deal when shopping, and 80% say that they are willing to “go out of their way for a deal”.

Whether we like it or not, our users are trained consumers nowadays and are always on the lookout for a deal, that being said, it isn’t the only reason. If you are able to trigger the promotion at the right time (perhaps after a trial didn’t convert or after a user has opened your app 3 times) then prompting a certain type of promotion could be just the trick to get them over the edge to commit.

As reported originally by Forbes, one of the most famous promotional offer stories was Spotify in 2021 when they ran a promotion that offered users three months of premium subscription for free. This promotion resulted in a 15% increase in premium subscriptions.

What are a few use cases you can try to use promotional offers? 

  1. Win-back - We all have churn in our apps, sending a user a promotional offer a certain period after they churn (or perhaps a full period after they churn) can be a great win back strategy.
  2. Usage based - Usage is always a great way to determine when to send a type of promotion. Cohort your users into “power user” rankings and you could send a certain offer to those users who are heavily engaging in a certain activity on that app that correlates to value.
  3. Reactivation - Our CRMs are full of little gems of users who if given the right opportunity at the right time could give your app another try and engage for a paid plan. You should constantly be nurturing your CRM with a chance to try the platform again when perhaps the timing is better.

What are my options to create in-app promotions?

  • Glassfy Universal Code - This is a unique code that you can generate via the Glassfy dashboard or API that enables a user to gain access to a premium portion of the app for a period of time you set, and best of all, it is device agnostic so you can send this code to anyone of your users regardless of the device they are on.

    • Example: I want to email a list from my CRM of past users who didn’t convert to a paid plan and offer them an ability to click to unlock app access for free for one month without needing to commit to a subscription.
  • Introductory Offers - Auto-renewable subscriptions can offer a discounted introductory price, including a free trial, to eligible users. You can make introductory offers to customers who haven’t previously received an introductory offer for the given product, or for any products in the same subscription group.

    • Example: I want a user to commit to a renewable subscription but also give them a free period of time (trial) prior to committing.
  • Promotional Offers - You can offer a discounted or free period of service for auto-renewable subscription products on macOS, iOS, and tvOS using promotional offers. Limited-time, discounted promotional offers can be effective in winning back lapsed subscribers or retaining current subscribers.

    • Example: You feel this user cohort needs a promotional offer to stick around for a new renewal period so you provide them an offer for 3 months free for a new renewal period of 12 months.

Note: There is a distinction between new users and existing subscribers here. You can only ever receive an introductory offer once. That being said, a user who receives an introductory offer is still eligible to later on receive a promotional offer.

Great! But how do I test this next week?

No worries, Glassfy has your back. All of these use cases are very easy to implement within Glassfy, even a non-developer can manage this. Head over to our tutorial on codes here or our Universal Codes explainer here.

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