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Why Preppy used Glassfy to launch multi-store payments for the first time

In this weeks Q&A we sit down with the founder of Preppy to chat about why they chose Glassfy to implement purchases for the first time. Spoiler alert: Massive time savings!
Henning Heinrich
February 15, 2023
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Another week, another startup building in public and working on important topics in the Health and Wellness space. This week we sat down with Kaevin (@iamkaevin) to talk about his #buildinpublic work on Preppy to learn what it was like implementing purchase logic into his new product.

1. Can you tell us more about the app you’re building? My app is called Preppy+ and helps users to track their PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) pill, their love life, and save doctor’s appointments and results for STIs they’ve been tested for. You can find it here as well!

2. Where you monetizing before Glassfy? if so, what was it like and what tools did you use? I didn’t use any monetization before Glassfy in this app, so Glassfy was my first choice to implement purchases. I am using another tool in one of my other apps, which I will replace with Glassfy in the future though.

3. What is so difficult about in-app purchases when starting out? The hardest part was to understand how everything is connected, from products to permissions to offerings and what my users will see in the app. Also how to set them up and group the individual products.

4. Why did you decide to use Glassfy? As I am using another tool in another app, switching to Glassfy was based on the simplicity of the dashboard and how easy it was to implement into the app. Once set up, purchases are fetched within a matter of minutes, what makes working with Glassfy really convenient. Also the design of website. I like to use products which present themselves in a beautiful way, so the website got me hooked right away. Another big plus was the price, I think it’s quite fairly priced compared to others, which is important to me to be able to scale without worrying about a crazy price structure. Other tools evaluated were RevenueCat and Adapty, ultimately choosing Glassfy.

6. What would you consider the top criteria(s) for your decision? The top criteria were that it must be easy to use, fast to implement and fair pricing. For me, Glassfy wins all those aspects, which made the decision quite easy.

9. Can you point to any specific value gain so far? Time saving was huge! I implemented purchases by hand a few years back and it was a hassle, so Glassfy was great to get it going quickly and save lots of time on this. I also recently added free trials, and having the option to add extra variables to products in the Glassfy dashboard is a great feature I haven’t discovered on any other tool, which saved a lot of time for me there, too. Thanks for making a great product!

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