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Why you're not getting what you need from your own Storekit implementation

First and foremost lets start with the two different ways to setup app subscriptions. On device vs with a backend - in this deep dive we will focus on if you decided to build and manage a backend. If you went with the on-device route, skip ahead to the Glassfy benefits.
Henning Heinrich
July 18, 2023
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Why it is hard to build and manage a backend for app subscriptions using StoreKit

Building and managing a backend to manage app subscriptions using StoreKit can be a daunting task. Lets take a look in depth at each area of why this is complicated and not ideal.

  • Technical expertise: Building a backend requires a deep and rather close understanding of StoreKit, as well as other backend technologies such as database management. Essentially, there isn’t anyone out there that says “Yes, I deeply understand the intricacies of Storekit and equally I love having to spin up a server and prepare for the risk of that failing.”
  • Time and resources: Building and managing a backend takes time and resources. You need to have a team of developers who can build the backend, as well as a team of engineers who can maintain it. Now, one overlooked thing here is not only did that time go to waste, you have now siloed that knowledge into a few (or often one) individual in the team - and lets face it, teams aren’t whole for too long of periods.
  • Complexity: The StoreKit API is complex and can be difficult to understand. This can make it difficult to build a backend that is compliant with the StoreKit policies. Not to mention the complexities increase as you add different platforms such as Play store or Web.
  • Data Clarity: Managing app subscriptions involves not just erratic and often missing data from the stores, it isn’t consolidated and provided as a single source of truth but rather you hunt down and have to do that yourself.

Why you should use Glassfy to manage app subscriptions instead of doing it yourself

Glassfy is a Revenue Management Platform that provides the various solutions needed to build payments across different stores, manage that logic, make sense of the revenue data, and grow it with our own native growth tools. Giving you the ability to have one tool manage all of your needs in monetising your app. Lets look into what those things are:

  • Easily create and manage subscription plans at scale
  • Have access to all your users revenue event data
  • Track subscription metrics across stores and have a single source truth
  • Glassfy handles store version control so you don’t have to
  • Create custom promotional offers all centrally managed in Glassfy

Glassfy is available across all platform types so wether you’re a native app or built on Flutter you will be able to easily spin up and monetise your app across iOS, Android and Web within a couple of hours.

Ultimately, using Glassfy ends in you being able to rely on a provider who specialises in scaling your subscription business while you focus on building out what truly matters to you, your own product.

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