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The ultimate infrastructure
at a fair price
The only and complete infrastructure you need to build, manage, and grow your in-app subscriptions.

Better pricing than RevenueCat: Why to pay more, for less? You deserve a great infrastructure at a fair price.

You deserve data transparency: Easily export and import all raw data and receipts.

We are a global company, based in Europe.
Glassfy vs RevenueCat
Cross platform supportYesYes
Webhooks & integrationsYesYes
Receipt ValidationYesYes
Server LocationEurope United States
Import raw data and receiptsYes-
Export raw data and receiptsYes-
Slack supportYes-
Paddle web paymentsYes-
Nocode paywall editorYes-
Remote paywall configuratorYes-
per $1k revenue
($8 with paywalls)
per $1k revenue
E.g. monthly price at $15,000 monthly revenue$75
($120 with paywalls)
E.g. monthly price at $60,000 monthly revenue$300
($480 with paywalls)
E.g. monthly price at $200,000 monthly revenue$1000
($1600 with paywalls)
Interesting, right?