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Are there any restrictions or limitations to the free product? (Fair use policy)

No there aren't any limitations, but we reserve the right to limit the excessive use of API calls (>1,000,000 monetization events per month)

Can I have in-app subscriptions raw data?

Yes, you can! We believe in transparency and we are here to facilitate you with in-app monetization, not to hide your data behind a black box that becomes inaccessible to you.

Where is your server based?

Our servers are based in Europe: for more details have a look at our DPA

I already have my infrastructure, but I need to upgrade it. Can I try Glassfy somehow?

Yes. You can integrate Glassfy in watcher mode to have a preview of how it works, and make sure everything works as expected. When you are ready, you can then jump to the full mode, and leveraging Glassfy for in-app subscriptions.

What happens to my current subscribers?

They don’t notice anything. Thanks to the receipts from the app stores, Glassfy will be able to give continuity to their subscriptions, checking permissions correctly and recovering users history.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No, you can sign up for free to start using Glassfy.

How does your pricing work?

Glassfy is entirely for free, without any limitations, for anyone wanting to offload their development complexity.
For apps that want a custom SLA we offer a tailored product.

Can you add other third-party services or connect to my server?

Sure. If you don’t see the integration with your favorite third-party services, we can integrate them easily as long as they have accessible APIs.

Moreover, we can send webhooks to your servers easily.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Of course, Glassfy is fully GDPR compliant.