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App Revenue Benchmarking Tool
Select your categories and get an overview of how your subscription app performs against your categories

Trial to Paid Subscriber Rate Overview

Here's a snapshot of the Trial Conversion Rate by categories

Highest Trial Conversion Rates

Entertainment apps like Netflix show very high conversion rates in the 20%. Out of 10, every 2nd person subscribes to a Entertainment app.

Lowest Trial Conversion Rates

The lowest CVRs we see in Travel apps like Uber. Customers are not used to subscribing to these services, yet.

Lifetime Value (LTV) Overview

Here's a snapshot of the LTV median by categories

Highest LTV

Entertainment apps like TikTok, Disney+ and Youtube show by far the highest Lifetime Value. The valuable premium content is often locked and only accessible through a subscription. The ARPPU of Entertainment apps is higher than other categories and customers tend to subscribe to them longer as well. All these factors lead to a high LTV.

Lowest LTV

Food and Drink subscription apps show the lowest Lifetime Value. Subscriptions are not a common business model for apps like Grubhub or Doordash. They are more often leveraging in-app purchases for the one-time payment of a food order.
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How do I use the app revenue benchmark tool?

1. Select your categories
2. The tool shows you all app revenue benchmarks by categories.

Which benchmark metrics does the tool provide?

We focused on the benchmarks of metrics that most subscription apps use to gauge performance. 1. App conversion rate | free to paid app conversion rate | in app purchase conversion rate | app store conversion rate 2. Average revenue per paid user | ARPPU 3. Lifetime Value | LTV

How can I calculate these metrics?

We created an app revenue calculator for that purpose. You can find it here.

Are the revenue benchmarks only for subscription apps?

Yes, the revenue benchmarks provided are for subscription-based apps only. There are other monetization strategies, such as in-app purchase or advertising. Those benchmarks vary.

Where is the data from?

The benchmarks are aggregated data from Glassfy customers. Glassfy has access to anonymous data of thousands of subscription apps across all industries.

Is the data aggregated across both stores?

Correct. The data is aggregated across iOS and Android apps.

How did you choose the industries?

We chose Entertainment, Music, Gaming, News & magazines, Productivity, Business, Education, Lifestyle, Health & fitness, Utilities, Food & drink, and Travel since these are most commonly referenced by other data sources for benchmarking.

My metrics are a lot higher. Why are these so low?

It is important to note that these are just averages to provide benchmarks. The actual performance for any given subscription app can vary significantly.

Are the benchmarks on the lower or upper end?

The benchmarks are a median. We excluded upper and lower outliers.

I don't have access to ARPU or LTV. Where can I see these metrics?

The stores do not provide visibility into these metrics. You can install Glassfy within 20 minutes and unlock them. Either use our dashboard or easily send them to your data visualization tool.

Can you give subscription apps examples for each categories?


  • Entertainment: Netflix, Youtube, TikTok
  • Productivity: Evernote, Todoist, Google Calendar
  • Lifestyle: Pinterest, Bumble, Mint
  • Gaming: Xbox Game Pass, Moonlighter, Twitch
  • Music: Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer
  • Health and Fitness: Strava, Headspace, Myfitnesspal, Whoop
  • News and magazine: The Newyork Times, Apple News, The Wall Street Journal
  • Education: Duolingo, Google Classroom, Youtube Kids
  • Travel: Flightradar24, Waze, Airbnb, Uber
  • Food and Drink: Door Dash, Ubereats, Grubhub
  • Utilities: TV Mirror, CamScanner
  • Business: Chargebee, Stripe Billing, Patreon