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App Revenue Calculator

Enter in-app subscription numbers and get your app revenue estimates.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) Calculator

Monthly Recurring Revenue:

Lifetime Value (LTV) Calculator

Revenue (LTV):

Profit Calculator

Revenue (LTV):
User acquisition cost:
Platform commission:
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How do I use the App Revenue Calculator?

1. Enter your subscription app numbers. If you got Subscription prices, take the one that is subscribed to the most.
2. The tool shows you all your app revenue analytics incl. LTV, ARPU and profit metrics.

Is the app monetization calculator accurate?

The app monetization calculator works under some assumptions, and gives you app revenue estimates. To get a very accurate analysis, sign up for Glassfy and connect your app.

Does the app revenue calculator work for iOS and Android apps?

Yes, it can be used cross-plaform.

What inputs are required?

Depending on calculator we need Subscribers, Installs, Cost per install, Free to Paid App Conversion rates, Retention rates and Subscription prices.

Does it take taxes into account?

Yes, it takes 15% taxes into account.

What is the difference between ARPU and ARPPU?

ARPU is the average revenue per user. These are all users that installed your app. ARPPU is the average revenue per paying subscriber. These metrics provide insights into the revenue generated from each user or customer, which is crucial for understanding the financial health and performance of the business.

Why look at both, ARPU and ARPPU?

ARPU and ARPPU both contribute to your business's overall revenue health. ARPU provides a broader view of how all users, including free users, contribute to revenue, while ARPPU specifically tracks revenue generated from paying customers. By monitoring both, you ensure that you're managing revenue streams effectively across your entire user base. For example If ARPPU increases over time, it may indicate that your existing customers are spending more, which can be a sign of satisfaction and loyalty.

What is LTV?

LTV stands for "Lifetime Value," it is a crucial metric that represents the total revenue a Subscription app expects to earn from a customer over the entire duration of their relationship. Knowing the LTV of your customers can help you make informed decisions about a/b testing, marketing attribution, product development, and forecasting and budgeting. Try the LTV calculator to better understand the lifetime value of different cohorts.

What is Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)?

MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue and is the subscription revenue you collect every month from your paying user base. Try the MRR calculator to better understand your monthly subscription revenue.