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Save time and
focus on what
Your app
With Glassfy open source SDK you can integrate best-in-class subscription infrastructure in minutes, and no need to update it anymore.

It’s complex and time-consuming to integrate and maintain in-app subscription infrastructure. You deserve to focus on the core app, not platforms’ APIs.

You deserve the best cross-platform in-app subscription SDK and infrastructure.
Stop worrying about subscription infrastructure, once and for all
Whether you need to integrate subscriptions for the first time or update an old code, let it be the last time you have to deal with it

We take care of verifying permissions, receiving S2S notification, verifying recipes, subscription status, and corner cases
Real-time and accurate data, at last!
Data is there, you deserve to receive it in real-time without waiting for platforms’ delays.
Have full transparency on what’s happening, including advanced analytics. You can also send any event to your own or third party data service.
Do you know your Users’ History?
Knowing your users will allow you to build a better app.

Have clear visibility on your users’ behavior and past subscription events. No more guessing and incomplete data.
Create and publish new paywalls in minutes
Corporate: Give your product managers a no-code solution to create and test new paywall autonomously, without wasting time in long meetings

Indie: Creating a new paywall should be easy and quick. With Glassfy you will find new layouts, create new paywalls in minutes, and test them without complexity
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Start in Watcher Mode: partial integration of Glassfy’s SDK to monitor metrics, see advanced charts, receive subscription events and webhooks, activate triggers, receive reports, and more… Without changing your purchase code and infrastructure!