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The most comprehensive tooling for In App Purchases
Glassfy is a tool that will grow with your needs as you build out your monetization strategy in-app from initial launch to scale.
Glassfy LogoIn-house Build
Manged BackendManaged and built database and backend - can take several months and then recurring maintenance
Receipt ValidationRequire backend and deep tech knowledge - months to build and constant knowledge of changes per store
Analytics3rd Party Service
Monetization ToolingCustom scripts, logic, and monetization best practices in order to build
Full Data AvailabilityN/A
PaywallsCustom scripts, logic, and monetization best practice knowledge in order to build
SupportEmail, zoom, or chat support for all customersCommunity or Email support with Premium Support optionN/A
Ideal forApps that want to offload the backend complexity of managing purchases and want a set of native monetization tools to maximize app revenueApps that want to offload backend complexity but use other tools or build themselves monetization toolingLow budget available or personal project and has experience in building out similar tooling or unique use cases
Tooling built for developers and product teams to maximize the revenue from your apps
Cross-Platform Development
If you want to sell in-app or on the web, do it all with Glassfy and manage in a single place
Go live 10x faster
Glassfy makes it simple to go-live with a few lines of code and in any framework you want
Advanced Analytics
Glassfy make it easy to see your core metrics like ARR and # of users and churn rate in one place
You own your data, forever
Glassfy provides you your user data, but also all the store data as well including receipts, its your data to keep, forever
Accelerate your Growth
Glassfy provides tools to accelerate growth like Customizable Paywalls, Promotions, and User Event Triggers so you can maximize revenue everywhere in the user journey