Read how 24me reduced dev time and maintenance of in-app purchases by 900%
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7 MIN READ State of App Revenue 2023: Quick Highlights and Takeaways released their 2023 State of App Revenue report and it is packed with insights into the world of App spending. Here is our take of what was in the report and a few things to takeaway and think about for your upcoming sprint.
Glassfy Universal Codes: A new User Acquisition strategy for your App Growth playbook
Universal Codes are a way to drive acquisition of your app by providing the user with a unique code, regardless of device type they are on, to unlock access to the app. Imagine this for trial periods, mass marketing campaigns, and bulk sales in b2b.
Restore Purchases: Quick guide for App Developers
This is your quick guide to understanding the what, why, and how of restoring purchases in-app and why it is critical for the user experience of your end users.
Who owns app monetisation? Spoiler alert: It depends on your stage.
In this article Karan Tibdewal and the Glassfy team walk us through what they see are the key stages of evolution you see as your app monetisation strategy evolves as you grow.